Forget about people telling you how difficult Czech is. You too can very soon reach a pretty good level!

There are plenty of reasons to claim that it is easy. For example:

  • You read what you write, no different pronounciation like in English.
  • Many words are similar to other European languages.

I will not torture you with sophisticated grammar. We will concentrate on what exactly you need for your purposes. I will teach you words and phrases that you can use in most situations - at home, on the street and at work. I use various means such as videos, real situations, role playing, music, etc.

You will gradually build your confidence in Czech and finally be able to enjoy spoken as well as written Czech.

Czech for kids: I teach children from 3 years old upwards, school children and university students in groups or individually. The classes are fun, I use colourful kids materials, enjoyable videos and employ my experience from teaching children.

Email course (adults and schoolers with email): A very effective method of learning the Czech language. Fully tailored and thus meeting your current needs. Only a standard internet connection needed. Allows you to enjoy your other activites while being very flexible.


Some courses or some of your already purchased lessons can be performed over Skype/Google. Skype/Google presents a well-rounded form of learning. It is possible to write, speak and share files over Skype/Google. It is convenient in case you cannot make it to the classroom or if you are outside of Prague.


Together, we can make it!