Each course begins with a free consultancy session where we will determine your language level, your goals and outline the best learning methods for you.


Adults, individual classes: 296 CZK (EUR 12/USD 14) / 45 minute class (for 36 lessons, with 20% discount)
Kids, a small group: 99 CZK (EUR 4.00/USD 4.50) / 45 minute class
(for 24 lessons, with 10% discount)
Adults, schoolers, individual email course: 296 CZK (EUR 12/USD 14) / 1 assignment (for 36 lessons, with 20% discount)

                                                                     1 person             small groups (2 or 3 people)
                                                           (from EUR 12.50)
          (from EUR 8.5)            

                1 lesson (45 minutes)                  450 CZK               minus 30% from the price for one person
              6 lessons (45 minutes)                  412 CZK               minus 30% from the price for one person
            12 lessons (45 minutes)                  405 CZK               minus 30% from the price for one person
24 lessons (45 minutes)                  400 CZK               minus 30% from the price for one person
36 lessons (45 minutes)                  395 CZK               minus 30% from the price for one person


  • the duration of one class is 60 minutes (if needs be 90 minutes, etc.).
  • Classes can be used up within 2 months (up to 6 lessons), 3 months (up to 12 lessons) and 6 months (from 24 lessons) from the start of the course.
  • Payment should be made in advance, by a bank transfer or in cash.
  • Price includes 1st help with Czech over the phone or email during the duration of the course.
  • Individual price for bigger groups, firms or variants not mentioned in the pricelist.
  • Lessons for kids: 30 minutes twice a week (3-5 years), 45/60 minutes twice a week or 60 minutes once or twice a week (6-10 years), 60/90 minutes once or twice a week (more than 10 years).
  • Email course (adults and schoolers with email): Tailored assignments are regularly sent to you by email (form can be audio, video, text, writing, speaking, on-line connection, etc.), you work them out and send them back. Within 48 working hours you will receive a correction with explanation (along with a new assignment). Very effective form of studying, developing your deepest understanding of the language through professional consultations. You will only need a standard internet connection.


  • Family discount: - 20% for family members attending different courses (min.12 lessons each, group includes 3 children up to 18 years)

Together, we can make it!